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Bakery is an independent creative and technology firm. We design and produce on and offline experiences for some of the world’s boldest companies.

We collaborate exclusively with forward-thinking brands interested in growing their influence and impacting their culture.

Why Bakery?


Leaner = Faster = More

Bakery is a lean, independent agency, able to move quicker from strategy to production. The only people we answer to is our clients, removing the unnecessary red tape seen in traditional agency networks. We iterate, publish and optimize campaigns and products at the swift pace of our connected world.


We’re Way Ahead Of You

We work with ambitious organizations who look to be innovators in their field. To answer today’s need for creative innovation, we invest real time and resources into R&D. Exploring valuable opportunities in emerging areas of communications and technology allows us to be months ahead of the competition.


No Buffers

We don’t staff an Accounts Department. You’ll collaborate directly with the folks producing the work. Our goal is to build chemistry with your team and spark a true partnership between us.

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We got you covered


To inspire and affect people, you need to be true to yourself, be expressive and, honestly, be a little nuts. Here’s how we filter your essence down for your audience.

Brand Strategy

We identify your purpose and outline a path of resonance with your audience across your connected ecosystem.


We don’t just work with the tools available to everyone; we invest in R&D to engineer new, smart opportunities that pay dividends and are also really f-ing cool.


Great ideas are at the center of what we do. We’ll make people laugh until their bellies ache, cry unless they are cyborgs, and feel inspired to take on the world.

Experience Design

Brand messages are no longer one-sided broadcasts, they are actions and experiences. We are obsessed with designing these interaction funnels, starting on a screen and ending in the real world or vice versa.

Online Content

With the boundaries between entertainment and brand communications getting more blurry, media needs to trap people’s attention and affect them emotionally. Whether through live action video, motion graphics, video games, or AR/ VR, we aim to entertain.

Data Science

Our ability to track customer data and translate it into useful and actionable business intelligence solutions is imperative for our partners. We measure and analyze campaign performance, continually optimizing for success.

We innovate

on many platforms


  • All Popular Platforms

  • Content Creation

  • Community Stewardship

Video content

  • Creative & Development

  • Production & Direction

  • Media Planning


  • Responsive Web

  • Web Apps

  • Interactive Web


  • Apple & Android

  • Smartphones & Tablets

  • Wearables


  • SEO / PPC

  • Content Integration

  • Track & Reporting

Virtual Reality

  • Oculus & Samsung

  • VR Live Streaming

  • Immersion Design

Live Installations

  • Projection Mapping

  • Interactive Displays

  • Audio-Visual Installations

Game Engines

  • Unity

  • Cry Engine

  • Unreal


  • Ecommerce

  • Retail Touchscreens

  • Social Commerce

Traditional Comms

  • Broadcast Television

  • Print

  • Radio

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