Seeking a



Seeking a Driver

Just imagine, you’re casually scrolling through Tinder when suddenly, someone new takes your breath away. Someone classy, luxurious, and German. You swipe right on the Mercedes-Benz of your dreams and wait… it’s a match!

To introduce car2go’s new Mercedes-Benz 4-doors, we took to Tinder to foster blooming relationships between real people and a car that was sure to turn heads. We created a car2go Tinder profile for the new Mercedes-Benz and when Tinder users swiped right, they’d receive an offer code for free drivetime in their DMs, so they could impress their next (human) date with a luxury vehicle.

Tinder users could swipe through
photos and get to know what revs
a Mercedes-Benz’ motor.

Epic Date Spots

Any successful Tinder user needs some pics to make themselves appear attractive and tantalizing to potential matches, so we created some epicly romantic situations for the Mercedes-Benz to appear in. Once Tinder users scrolled through all the pics, they couldn’t resist swiping right.

The Results

Tinder users fell in love with the car2go profile, many users swiped right on the account and accepted the offer code that was messaged to them. Altogether, we were able to successfully utilize and offer value in a consistently growing space, in a language that Tinder users swooned for.