Arcade at Pearl Arcade

Brand development for one of Texas’ most delicious & stylish eateries


The brainchild of Executive Chef Jesse Perez, Arcade Midtown Kitchen, is quickly garnering praise from all around the country and was named as one of the top 40 new restaurants of 2013 by

Our task was to spread the word of such delicious food. Therefore, we combined contemporary design with pinches of vintage aesthetics into Arcade’s website, photography, illustration, animation and apparel to make their image as appealing and tempting as their food.

web design

We focused on three main outlets: illustration, animation and photography. The illustration communicates an industrial 1900s style by referencing the look the venue has itself. Plus, to remark on the delicacy of the food, we decided to illustrate by hand. We created active animations to give a sense of carnival with a taste of elegance, two vital characteristics the restaurant has. As for the photos, we didn't use much artificial light thanks to the open spaces and beautiful natural light of the restaurant - which also gave the images natural and culinary textures.

Fully responsive so that you never have to miss a thing

Hand Crafted

Within a digital setting, creating a mood for a “turn of the century” inspired restaurant can be challenging. We chose to illustrate every piece of art on the website by hand. After scanning each piece and vectorizing it, we develop a working solution for the website that furthered the prohibition-era glow of the brand.


Mentioned before, the photos were taken with mostly natural light with the exception of some close-ups to the food and several night scenery shots. The night photos display a detailed and professional feeling that Christopher Ware, Arcade’s mixologist, gives to the bar. It is also important to mention, Jay B Sauceda for his execution on the photography process, and Tina Stamos, who takes all the styling credentials for the images.


For the T-shirts, we stuck with the vintage design technique, but at the same time, we manipulated type in order to give a more modern and casual feel to Arcade’s apparel.

The takeaway

Form and functionality are not mutually exclusive. We created a website that displays the amazing dining experience that Arcade Midtown Kitchen off­ers, while still remaining functional and contemporary. We also managed to create homogeneity within online and offline platforms that make the brand unified and legitimate.