Budlight - Calendario

celebrating latino culture in the united states in a unique way


Collaborating with LatinWorks to develop a digital extension of Bud Light’s “Celebrations” campaign, which celebrates the cumulative holidays and festivities that happen year-round between diverse cultures.

We built a Spanish/English calendar application, where different “celebrations” were featured on each day. Visitors engaged with the application by uploading their photos to each day’s celebration. The daily uploaded photos were then tiled in a gallery, which could be shared on Instagram and Facebook.

UX Planning

We wanted to drive users to upload their images and share them via social media, but we also needed them to look at the rest of uploads as well as learn the next day’s theme. Our modular design made it possible to solve all the needs at hand.

Calendar Interface

Presenting nearly a month's worth of days as images led to a string of issues. We originally aimed to a more contemporary circle/Aztec calendar, in order to avoid the relative monotony of a straightforward grid design. After some experimenting, we decided that for technical reasons the grid was, indeed, the way to go. Though, one question remained; how do we insure an engaging and fun UI while limiting ourselves to this grid. By incorporating css animation and paper-like skeuomorphic accent, we managed to do just that.

Drag and drop stickers to create funny images

A reason to celebrate

The application saw high levels of engagement. Visitors enjoyed sharing their photos and browsing through the variety of ways people interpreted the day’s theme. This led to the application successfully reinforcing Bud Light’s #UpForWhatever / #ParaLoQueVenga message.


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