With a 113-year-old brewing history, Shiner Beer has a loyal fanbase of older drinkers. To reach new younger consumers, Shiner wanted to establish a presence on TikTok but until the social media platform implements an age-gating policy, alcohol brands like Shiner couldn't post.

When there's a will, there's a brew - we couldn't post about our beer but other TikTokers could post about us organically.

So we set out to make something worth posting about by turning one of the most viral TikToks trends at the time - #berriesandcream - into a beer.

In under six weeks, we brewed the new recipe, designed the brand identity, packaged the product, and shipped the beer exclusively to our favorite Berries and Cream content creators. prosit!

Shiner Beer was posted all over TikTok, we saw 94% YOY increase in total mentions on social in October 2021.