Renting a car is a pain in the ass. Long lines, poor service, crazy prices, mixed up reservations, and sub-par models are all expected parts of the process. But Audi sought to change all of that with the first app-based car rental service: Silvercar by Audi.

As a first-of-its-kind service, Audi turned to Bakery to launch Silvercar and help the world rethink how they rent cars.

Silvercar was launching with a fleet of vehicles, but their crown jewel was the Audi Q7, a 7 passenger SUV with tons of trunk space, and more knobs, screens, and buttons than the Millennium Falcon. It was built for adventure, for couples, families, and friends.

We sought to spark that sense of adventure, using the mystic allure of the open road paired with a renewed American love affair with the outdoors. It brought us to the Valley of the Gods, a truly alien landscape in the middle of the desert where one family’s story took place.

Video served to inspire a new audience to adventure with an Audi vehicle, while a massive social and OOH campaign worked to seed the radically simple idea of renting a car from your phone.

We inspired the world to find unforgettable adventures in an Audi vehicle while creating a paradigm shift in the car rental industry.